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We as HEART SHAKER believe that people will be better and closing to happyness by appreciation to other people, even things and events. By enriching each other’s perspectives of people who gratitude and be gratituded , we hope to reform the world for the better.

Psychologist Alfred Adler has this to say about the inner world of a person:

It is not the compliment that ” I was able to well .” “Thank you , and survived I was ,” I convey the gratitude . If experience the joy of being grateful , we will repeat the contribution to voluntarily.

Adlerian psychology defines happiness as a state of “liking yourself,” “trusting others,” and “contributing.”

“Gratitude” has the power to cheer up all the people involved in the interaction.

HEART SHAKER will work to realize three promises.


Find out what the best gratitude is for people.


Seek out the people who receive the highest appreciation.


Popularize gratitude as a social indicator and provide benefits to those who are given gratitude.

We will explore, discover, and share people, companies, and organizations that make us want to “be grateful” in a way that shakes our hearts, and promote “expanding the rich world of gratitude.”