Send “Thanks” to someone

People who take care of you on a daily basis, but somehow can’t express their gratitude.

It’s always with you, so it’s become commonplace, but when you think about it, it’s someone who takes care of you in various ways.

You has been helped by someone you happened to meet.

Why don’t you send “thank you” to such people! 

HEART SHAKER App can help.

You can use HEART SHAPER App to send thank-you cards and appreciation points (TKU points).

Even if somebody don’t have the App yet, you can tell the person you want to thank them for their provisionally issued number (TKU number) along with how to download the app, and they can download the app and enter the number to receive a thank you card and thank you points. The recipient may also join the “Gratitude Network” and raise your “Gratitude Index”.

Blockchain technology will firmly record the act of giving and receiving gratitude on the “Gratitude Network” as an Gratitude index. It may not be long before the calculated “Gratitude Index” will be recognized as a social indicator.

Now, let’s deliver a thank you card and appreciation points with a “thank you” word.

And also Let’s share “Thank you post” to SNS.

Send “Thank you Post” to those who don’t have the HEART SHAVER app yet

1: Open HEART SHAKER App and login

Learn more about downloading and logging in to the app > using the app

2: Inviting your friend to the app

Click the three-line icon (burger menu) on the far right of the menu at the bottom of the home screen to display the submenu page shown below. From this menu, click the “Invite Friend” menu.

3:Send “Thank you” (TKU Card and TKU Point)

・ On the “Invite Friend” screen,

  1. In the “Thanks caption” field, Express gratitude with word.
  2. Select the images or TKU Card that you want to send.
  3. Enter the amount of TKU points that you want to send to the unregistered user.
  4. Enter name or nickname.
  5. If you have the invitee’s details(such as email address or phone number), select “I have the invitee’s details”.
  6. If have, input the invitee’s email or phone number in the required field.
  7. Click Confirm.
  8. The system will generate TKU Number and transfer the TKU point to the temporary wallet of the new user and 1 TKU to the sender as a reward.
  9. The system will send an email or SMS to the invited person with the link to download the app and the TKU number.
  10. The invited person downloads the app and registers to create an account and claim the point.
  11. If you don’t have any details of the invitee, click I don’t have the invitee’s details and click Confirm.
  12. A pop-up message to confirm using MEMO to invite a new user will appear. Click Confirm.
  13. System will generate the TKU Number in a MEMO. Show the code to the invitee and ask him/her to download the app and input the code to claim the point sent.

3: Add a word and give a TKU number

It may be a good idea to include your words with your TKU number to the person you want to give. For example, how about this sentence?

——— for example ———

“To Mr. 〇〇

Thank you very much about a case of 〇〇.

I was able to send a thank you with an app called HEART SHAKER, so please take it.

↓ Download the app with reference here.


TKU Number = “〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇”

Please enter TKU Number. You can receive a thank you card and thank you points.

Sincerely yours

——— / for example ———

Please convey your thoughts in your words and give them thank-you cards and thank-you points.

Share a “thank you post” to SNS and Spread “Appreciation Network”

1: Open HEART SHAKER App and login

Learn more about downloading and logging in to the app > using the app

2: View Thank you posts

From the app’s homepage, you can see your and users “Thank you post”.

3: Share a “Thank you post”

When you find a nice “Thank you post”, press the three-dot menu (kebab menu) at the bottom right of the post.

Then, a menu for this “Thank you post” will be displayed, so press the “Share” button.

If you select an SMS or social app, the URL of the “Thank you post” will be memorized, so let’s post it with words inviting you to use the app and expand your friends.

HEART SHSKER will continue to operate every day with the sincere hope that by sending and giving thanks to users using this app, their hearts will be richer and their lives will be closer to happiness.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who are considering using it, users, and those who are involved in the project.

May all good things happen to you like an avalanche!

Thank you.

If you want to invite someone to download and log in to the app, please give them your “thank you number (TKU number)” and the URL of this page. > How to download of HEART SHAKER APP