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The HEART SHAKER APP is a project to “record gratitude that send or given, and spread it as a ‘appreciation index’ that complements the capital economy.” In the future, I hope that individuals will be able to change jobs because of a high ‘appreciation index’, or to be able to buy goods under good conditions, or that customers will choose them because of a high ‘appreciation index’ for shops and companies, and that it will be easier for them to obtain loans. If everyone participates and supports us, the project will become more concrete! DOWNLOAD THE HEART SHAKER APP AND JOIN THE PROJECT! (Participation is free)

1: Download the app

・ First of all, please download the app from the APP Store for iPhone, or from Google Play for Android OS smartphones.


2: Start icon

・ When the app is downloaded, the app icon will be displayed on the start screen of the smartphone. Click this icon.


3: Landing page and registration screen

・ The bottom left screen is the first landing page displayed when you open the HEARTSHAKER app.

・To register, press the Start button. When the lower right screen is displayed, enter the necessary information (e-mail address, password, name, surname, telephone number) and press the REGISTER button.

・The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and numbers.

・If you are a robot, please check the checkbox to the left of the message “I’m not a robot”.

4: Enter authentication code

・ The system will send the verification code to the registered email address.

・Enter the received code and click the “VERIFY” button.

・When the confirmation is complete, you will be redirected to the login page.

5: Log in

・To log in, enter your registered email address and password and click the “Login” button.

・You also have the option to sign in with your Google, FB, Twitter, or Apple account. (Bottom left screen)
You only need to use your existing credentials, so you don’t have to remember a separate username and password for each account.

・ The user must enter the verification code sent to the registered email address for authentication. (Bottom right screen)

・ If the verification is successful, the user must create a 6-digit passcode and confirm the code as shown in the figure below. (Bottom left: Android, Bottom right: iPhone)

・After confirming your passcode, a pop-up message will appear asking if you want to use that code to access the app. You can select “No”, but we recommend that you use a PIN and passcode for security reasons.

・ “Login successful!” message appears.

・To continue, first-time users should [Create a wallet account] or [Import an existing account] if they have already registered and have “appreciation points (TKU)” and have a “secret phrase”.

・ If you are a first-time user and want to [Create a wallet account], and also if you have been invited by another user, please enter your “TKU Number” and press “Confirm”, If you have not been invited, please press “Skip” to proceed with registration.

6: Home Screen

・When a user logs in, there are five main submenus at the bottom of the homepage: Home, Discovery, Profile Page, Announcements, and Notifications and Menu Page. You can choose from these five main features.

・The design of the HEART SHAKER logo at the top changes depending on the season.

・Another navigation is at the top right of the page and is the heart and plus icons for creating a thank you post.

・ On the home, only the list of posts of users you are following is displayed.

・ The increase in TKU points representing missions is displayed under the logo as total accumulation of TKU points generated = Total Gratitude.

7: Post thanks

・ You can post a thank you by pressing the heart and plus icon at the top right of the home screen.

・ Select “To whom (TO:)” to thank as a category.

・ Choose the “person” to give (you don’t have to select the person you want to give thanks to if they haven’t registered yet.) If you do not select a person, please set the appreciation point as “0”)

・ Enter “What appreciate for? (WHAT:)”. If you make a sentence that ends with “regarding …” or “about”, it will be easier to understand the post when viewed as a whole.

If there is a news or web page to refer to in the URL part, copy and paste (duplicate and paste) the URL (WEB address). You can select more than one.

You can also click the camera or image icon to import photos and images.

In “Select Location”, enter where “for what kind of thing” leads to which location. If it’s about an event, enter the location where it took place and you’ll see a suggestion at the bottom of the box to select it to locate it. You can register even if you do not enter this item.

・ Enter a word of gratitude in “How to thank (HOW:)”.

If there is a page or web page with a thank you image to refer to in the URL part, copy and paste (duplicate and paste) the URL (WEB address). You can select more than one.

Select “Thank You Card” from the icon on the left below. You can post an image by pressing the photo or image icon. It should be an image of gratitude.

Select the number of “Thanks Points (TKU)” (if you have not selected a person, set the points to “0”)

You can choose how to publish it publicly, only to the recipients, or within a group.

Select a feeling from “FEELING”. HEART SHAKER has placed this item in the hope that users will feel better by giving thanks.

・ Enter the necessary thank you post items and press “Send” to post.

※In order to ensure that the “Gratitude Record” is saved, if you select one or more “Appreciation Points (TKU)” and post it, it may take 30 seconds to 1 minute to register because it will be recorded in a system using blockchain technology.

8: Precautions for deleting and re-registering apps (system using blockchain technology)

HEART SHAKER app consists of a system that uses blockchain technology to ensure that “gratitude records” are stored.

In the case of general apps, you can recover the situation by deleting the app and reinstalling it when a problem occurs, but in the case of HEART SHAKER app, you need to be careful.

After downloading the app, registering, and logging in, select “Notifications and Menu Page” (three-line icon) on the far right of the five main submenus at the bottom of the homepage, press the “Settings” button at the bottom, select “Account” and you will see 12 words called “secret phrase”. Make a note of this and save it in a safe place.

When you delete, reinstall, and register the app, you will be prompted to select either “Create a new wallet” or “Import wallet”. If you’ve already registered, made a thank you post, and earned a “Thanks Points (TKU),” you can revive your wallet by selecting “Import Wallet” and placing the 12 “secret phrases” you wrote down in that order.

HEART SHSKER will continue to operate every day with the sincere hope that by sending and giving thanks to users using this app, their hearts will be richer and their lives will be closer to happiness.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who are considering using it, users, and those who are involved in the project.

May all good things happen to you like an avalanche!

Thank you.

If you want to send “thank you” to someone or invite someone to “Gratitude Network”, please click here > Send “thank you” to someone and spread gratitude network